Summer Enrichment Program

This Week's Theme: Outdoor Recreation-Field Day, fishing, water sports, and soccer!

Skills Gained: Teamwork, motor skills, flexibility, cooperation, good sportsmanship.   

The kids had so much fun this week enjoying two wonderful Ely pastimes! Fishing and canoeing went great with our groups and we can't wait to get back on the water!

Our second BW trip was a challenging foray through rainstorms and swamped-out portages. But the participants did a fantastic job staying positive throughout it all. We did a total of 22 portages in 4 days! 


Getting ready for one of their 22 portages

Finally some down time

Smooth paddling

Water Project

Early Baseline Monitoring

Here students visit Lake County Lakes to collect data on vegetation found in our lakes and along the shoreline. Students are looking to see if aquatic invasive species are present. 

Stream Monitoring 

Here a student is using the Secchi Tube to record water clarity. Data is recorded throughout the summer and month of September. In October, data is sent to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). 

ECR Mission

To foster positive youth development through activities designed to increase self esteem, build a sense of community, and provide positive adult relationships that allow effective interventions.

ECR Vision

To be a primary resource to Ely area youth and to help in building a community equipped to make Ely … a great place to grow up.

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Meet Our Team

Julie Hignell, Executive Director

Jill Swanson, Youth Program Coordinator

Ryan Stewart, Family Resource Facilitator

Jane Dandron, Youth Program Coordinator

Lauren Porthan, Youth Program Coordinator